How It Works

The Emabond welding process uses radio frequency welding equipment coupled with electromagnetic susceptor materials in joint designs of our customer’s parts. The welding equipment delivers heat precisely to a custom joint interface to provide a non-contact superior plastic weld. The precise RF heating comes from a water-cooled copper work coil fixtured next to the weld joint. In combination with pressure, the copper coil will activate and melt the Emabond material triggering the adjoining surfaces to unify, resulting in an entirely closed joint creating a strong hermetic seal. This process will vary based on the size, shape, and construction of the part.

Emabond engineers design, build, and test customer welding fixtures, manufacture machines, and applications in-house before the customer gives verification of discussed part specifications. Our testing includes variants of RF coils, power application, fixture design, and verification of welded parts. We will also customize the resin for the electromagnetic susceptor material needed based on the construction of the part and the desired application process. With the combination of joint design, heat, and pressure, the Emabond process creates hermetic seals that provide an aesthetic weld on top name-brand products around the world.