About Us

Emabond Solutions was founded in 1968, marking the beginning of our long and innovative journey. From that point forward, we have built thousands of RF Plastic Welding Machines, produced hundreds of millions of feet of our Emabond susceptor material, and have unraveled countless technically challenging applications for our diverse customer base around the World. We are located in the leading high-technology parks of Southeast Michigan residing in Auburn Hills. Our family operated team of diverse individuals are here to provide our plastics welding expertise with on site design, automation, and prototyping. As a technological company specializing in RF Plastic Welding, we will design your RF Welding Equipment and spec out the optimal formulation of Emabond material necessary for your application. Whether it be extruded strand of various profiles, injection molded gaskets, or compounded material for robotic application, we’ve got you covered.

Customer service is our top priority and at the core of Emabond’s values. We understand that satisfied customers are the foundation of our business growth. Our globally located customers have had confidence in us for decades of integration and support, and continually persist in employing our technology for forthcoming applications.

Join the most recognized brands in the World that utilize our Emabond technology.

Our customers are market leaders among diverse industries around the world including but not limited to water filtration, consumer products, office furniture, medical, and transportation. Do you have a high demand application? Our technology is superior for high pressure and strength applications, dissimilar materials, aesthetic bonding requirements, eliminating adhesives and fasteners, hermetic seals, and more.

Reach out today to see how our technology can help give you a competitive advantage.

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