Emabond Materials

Extruded Profiles

Emabond material is extruded into various profiles and sizes utilizing multiple base polymers and susceptor materials. The profiles range from round extrusions as small as 0.75mm to as large as 7mm, to 150 mm wide extruded sheet and all shapes and sizes in between.

Formed Product

Emabond material is formed as a secondary operation to match the shape of your weld line.  The shape could be as simple as a round ring that you drop into your part or as complex as a large 3D geometery.

Injection Molded Gaskets

Emabond material is injection molded in various base polymers and susceptor materials.  The molded gasket fits directly into your parts weld line.

Co-Injection or Co-Extrusion

Emabond materials can be co-injection molded or co-extruded directly onto your part at our facility or at yours.

Automated Insertion

The Emabond material is most often manually inserted into the part being welded; however, for certain products or product volumes we also provide automated insertion equipment to insert the profile into the weld joint.

2D/3D Printing

The Emabond material can also be printed directly onto the part being welded utilizing our automated equipment.  Various levels of automation are available to achieve your production requirements.