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System Solutions

Emabond Solutions provides a wide range of configurations to meet our customers' individual requirements. Each system incorporates core major components to provide a complete "turn-key system". The major components include:

  • Solid state HF generator
  • Pneumatic press
  • System controls with SPC option
  • Water cooling for the generator and work coils
  • Application specific tooling integrated into the overall system design.

Emabond will configure a system to meet your individual requirements.

The Emabond process can be categorized into three generic approaches:

Semi-Automatic Equipment

The most common work cell environment wherein the part to be welded is loaded either manually or automatically into a welding fixture. The semi-automatic cycle is then initiated to sequence through timed heat and cool to complete the welded assembly. Generally speaking, the part remains stationary during the welding cycle.

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Dynamic Equipment

Since the Emabond process can be considered as non-contact, it offers the opportunity to design a system that allows either the part to be welded or the energy delivery tooling to move during the welding cycle - dynamic welding!

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A Total Pipe System Solution

We developed an essential plastic pipe installation to meet the mechanical piping challenges of a changing, energy-conscious world by designing a safe and portable welding process that is used by the professional trades in homes, buildings, highways and streets, sewer and water systems, dams, bridges, and other structures.

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