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Dynamic Equipment

Side by Side separate welding applications driven from a common 5kW Power Supply and control system
Countless possibilities exist to deliver energy to a stationary or moving part. Typically , frictional welding methods such as Vibration, Spin or Ultrasonic require that the part to be welded be accurately fixtured in one place while energy is violently applied. Thermal methods of welding such as Laser, Hot Plate or Infrared IR typically requires a part to be stationary during the welding process.

Emabond offers a distinct advantage by allowing the part or energy delivery work coil to move, thus overcoming some of the limitations of Friction or Thermal welding.

Examples might include:

Moving the part to be welded:

  • Multiple welds performed sequentially by switching multiple work coil tools connected through a common power supply
  • Rotating a cylindrical part to overcome geometry features
  • Sequencing a part through a stationary work coil to perform multiple welds
  • Continuous web welding by passing a sheet or film over a stationary work coil
  • Automatic loading of parts into stationary nests

Moving the Work Coil energy delivery tool:

  • Scanning a weld line by moving a relatively small work coil head past a stationary bond line. This can be accomplished using robotics or simple servo drive based machines.

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