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       May 21 - 24


Plastic Welding

You have many options when it comes to Plastic Welding and Assembly. The Emabond Process offers certain unique advantages when compared to alternative forms of assembly such as:

  • Superior weld structural strength (shear joint design)
  • Exceeds the most demanding specifications for temperature, leak-proof (Hermetic) and pressure requirements
  • Assembly of many Dissimilar materials
  • Welding of Engineered & Highly filled resins
  • Stress free (non-violent) welding method providing a particulate free process
  • Non-Contact welding improves part aesthetics and is flash-free while providing design flexibility
  • No pre-treatment required for welding
  • Precise weld temperature generated within the joint with no effect on surrounding areas
  • Internal components can be pre-assembled prior to welding
  • Long 3D or even multiple bond lines welded simultaneously



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