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Joint Design Examples

The following represent a selection of generic joint design examples. Please contact Emabond Solutions directly to discuss your specific requirements.

Standard Tongue-and-Groove Joint

Most Versatile Shear Joint for Pressure containing Molded Parts using Round Emabond Profiles

High Pressure Tongue-and-Groove

Tall Shear Joint using Emabond Flat or Tape Profile for Large Molded Parts

Symmetrical Tongue-and-Groove

Uses Special Emabond Thin Tapes or Coatings for Compact Special Shear Design Requirements (Consult your Emabond Technical Contact)

Step Joint

This design uses Limited Shear Height Space in Cylindrical Small Molded Parts using a 0.050 (1.27mm) Thick Flat or Tape Emabond Profile.



Thermoformed Parts, Panels, Spot Welding, etc.
Use Round, Flat or Tape Emabond Profile


Flat Part Assembly, Discs, Pressure Seals, etc.
Use Round, Flat or Tape Emabond Profile


Co-Extrusion Example

Emabond can be molded or extruded with a part for assembly.


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