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Induction Welding

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Induction welding has been the basis of the Emabond process since our original patents issued in 1969. Emabond has commercialized hundreds of unique applications and turnkey welding systems using tube-type variable frequency induction generators operating in the 2 to 8 MHz frequency range. A large percentage of these applications are still in production today serviced by our never-ending customer commitment.

The Emabond Solutions team has leveraged decades of real life customer and application experience to develop and successfully commercialize the next generation Emabond Process Technology enabling a wider field of possible applications and improved process control.

Induction welding describes welding techniques where heat is generated by an induction field. The two most commonly encountered mechanisms by which heat can be generated by an induction field are eddy current heating and heating due to hysteresis losses.

Induction welding is a form of welding that uses electromagnetic induction to heat the work piece. The welding apparatus contains an induction coil that is energized with a radio-frequency electric current. This generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field that acts on either an electrically conductive or a ferromagnetic work piece. In an electrically conductive work piece, such as steel, the main heating effect is resistive heating, which is due to magnetically induced currents called eddy currents.

In a ferromagnetic work piece nonmagnetic materials, such as plastics, can be induction-welded by formulating them with metallic or ferromagnetic compounds, called susceptors, that absorb the electromagnetic energy from the induction coil, become hot, and lose their heat energy to the surrounding material by thermal conduction. 


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