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How Emabond® Can Help You

Emabond - listening to and collaborating with our customers, developing the right design and engineering approach, establishing the manufacturing solution, and providing customer service support for the product launch and market success.

Whether you are developing a new product or working to improve upon the performance of a current product, the team at Emabond can support your needs.

The Emabond Process offers certain unique advantages when compared to alternative forms of assembly
such as:

  • Superior weld structural strength (shear joint design)
  • Exceeds the most demanding specifications for temperature, leak-proof (Hermetic) and pressure tight requirements
  • Assembly of many Dissimilar materials
  • Welding of Engineered & Highly filled resins
  • Stress free (non-violent) welding method providing a particulate free process
  • Non-Contact welding improves part aesthetics and is flash-free while providing design flexibility
  • No pre-treatment required for welding
  • Precise weld temperature generated within the joint with no effect on surrounding areas
  • Internal components can be pre-assembled prior to welding
  • Long 3D or even multiple bond lines welded simultaneously

Please contact us to begin working through the following steps toward the ultimate assembly solution.

Step 1:

Emabond Welding is an Engineered Process which takes a Cooperative Effort to Produce Forward Thinking Assembly Solutions.

Every successful solution is comprised of three key elements: the application design, production equipment and Emabond material. Emabond partners closely with our customers and works seamlessly together to provide the desired outcome - a reliable welded assembly. Each customer situation is different in some way. We look forward to working with you to understand your unique requirements.

Deliver Forward-thinking, High Value Answers - The Emabond Design provides reliable assembly solutions from a single source. You demand a partner who can leverage a breadth of applications, superior technology and industry experience and leadership to deliver the most advanced, comprehensive solutions.

Consult Emabond Solutions’ “Innovation Center” for Exact/Detailed Specifications

Step 2:

Select Resin Material Compatibility

Step 3:

Select Susceptor Material in the Welding Matrix. Consult with your Emabond tehcnical contact for specific design review.

Iron Stainless Steel Ferrites Nano-Particles

Please consult with your Emabond Technical contact for additional Plastic Materials, Fillers and Additives. Certain Dissimilar Plastics can be welded.

Step 4:

Typical Weld Joint Designs for Assembly Requirements

The Emabond Material must be placed within the Joint Design of the assembly before welding. The After Welded Captured Joint Design should have a 95% of Fill Area of the Installed Emabond Profile Cross Sectional Area. The Standard Tongue and Groove Emabond Welded Fill Area = the Shear Width of 0.020” (0.50mm) to 0.030” (0.76mm) by the calculated length. Only the Step Joint Welded Fill Area uses a Shear Width of 0.050” (1.27mm) by the calculated length. All Welds are Structural and Pressure Leak Proof. Consult your Emabond Technical contact for the use of ribs on weld lengths longer than 4” (100mm) for proper Emabond Weld Flow.

Step 5:

Emabond Material Sizes

Typical Round Profiles are 0.060”, 0.070”, 0.080”, 0.092”, 0.125” and 0.155” others available

Emabond Material
Round Minimum
Flat Minimum
Tape Minimum

Step 6:

Execution and Follow Up is the Most Important Aspect of Our Collective Success

  • Listening to and collaborating with our customers
  • Developing the right designs and engineering approach
  • Establishing the manufacturing solution
  • Offering most cost-effective solution

Providing customer service support and technical service for the product launch and long term market success.

Emabond SolutionsTM - Global Headquarters & Innovation Center • 1797 Atlantic Blvd. • Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Phone (main) 248-481-8048
• Customer Service csr@emabond.com

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