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Electromagnetic Welding / Bonding

The Emabond® Process Is For Innovative Plastic Part "Design & Assembly"






an enabling technology!


The Emabond welding process uses high frequency energy coupled with electromagnetic susceptor materials to deliver heat precisely to a bond line to provide superior welding of virtually all thermoplastic materials. The process also joins certain dissimilar materials, highly filled thermoplastics and flexible to rigid substrates. It also meets or exceeds the most demanding temperature, leak-proof and pressure-tight, aesthetic requirements. Emabond Solutions supplies the technology and resources to help customers design innovative products.

Predictable Heating

Predictable Heating uses the interaction of high frequency electromagnetic field strength and susceptors to generate heat on command as illustrated here:

High Frequency 13.56 Mhz
Susceptor Particles
FE - SS Ceramic
Polymer PP - PE - PA - PC
Hi-temp materials
Controlled Heat @ Bond- line


The following section illustrates the “before" – “during” – “after” phases of a successful weld created within a typical tongue and groove joint design. Joint designs can also be flat-to-flat, flat-to-groove and step. The tongue and groove joint offers the greatest versatility, especially when leak proof and high pressure results are required.

Before Joining

The Emabond preform is placed within the joint. The mating parts are brought together and placed within a fixture containing a work coil which conforms to the weld line geometry. This phase is easily automated or operator initiated.

During Joining

The activated work coil heats and melts the Emabond resin causing the adjoining surfaces to melt. Energy is only consumed during the actual heating cycle which typically is between 1 to 30 seconds. Low clamping force is applied via the specially designed fixture to allow efficient transfer of melt temperature to the substrate.

After Joining

The Emabond resin has filled the joint design gap. The process has fused the mating parts, resulting in a polymer to polymer permanent weld. Note the compact joint cross section when compared to frictional and thermal methods of assembly which typically require broader land area and/or flash traps. Emabond is a non-contact, non-violent method of assembly that is gentle on your parts.

Emabond resin
is 100%
Precise heat delivery
from power source
to bond line
Produces a hermetic, structural, high pressure weld with no distortion or flash


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