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The Emabond® Process has been specified for a wide range of demanding applications across various industries where product quality, reliability and the cost of failure are critical. The opportunities for applying design freedom make the potential applications for Emabond limitless. Follow some of our examples where Emabond has provided high value solutions for diverse applications.

Customer Process Benefits

The Emabond Process is especially well suited to meet challenging specifications anywhere where plastics are used to create high value products. Applications in a wide range of markets have proven successful including: consumer products, filtration, sanitary and domestic water systems, transportation, telecommunications/utility enclosures, food and beverage insulated containers, and the medical market.
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By Material

The Emabond Process can be used to join virtually any thermoplastic to itself and certain dissimilar combinations. It is especially effective at welding heavily filled thermoplastics such as, glass, mineral, and talc. Filler loading in excess of 50% can be used while still achieving high performance.
(Review the unique advantages the Emabond process offers)

Application Examples

The Emabond Process can provide a leak-proof, high pressure or structural result on difficult to weld materials, complex geometries, heavily filled plastics and for many applications that must meet strict physical performance specifications. Emabond has played an enabling role in the design and commercial success of award winning and benchmark setting applications that demand high performance.
(Review the unique advantages the Emabond process offers)


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