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Adhesives and Mechanical Fasteners

When “traditional” plastic welding methods don’t work, often times adhesives and (or) mechanical fasteners are used to assemble products. Dissimilar materials, highly filled materials, extreme operating or burst pressures are just some of the technical requirements where traditional methods fail. Furthermore, design constraints that won’t allow for horizontal part movement (vibration welding), internal components (hot plate welding), or limited access to the part surface (sonic welding) or long 3D bond lines are often times necessary but not achievable with traditional methods.

Emabond Welding is a Superior Alternative to Adhesives & Mechanical Fasteners

The Emabond process offers unique advantages when compared to alternative methods, for example:
  • Cost savings by elimination of screws or fasteners
  • Cost savings by elimination of sealing gaskets
  • Eliminates localized stress points created by fasteners
  • Elimination of pre-treatment of parts often required for adhesives
  • Work in process reduction due to elimination of fixed open window, out gassing ..etc
  • Environmentally friendly process to eliminate VOC’s
  • Single step, clean, quiet, safe, ergonomically friendly process
  • Can achieve higher physical strength properties
  • Can join highly filled plastics; e.g. 30% and greater glass filler, talc, other fillers
  • Can join certain dissimilar materials as well as elastomeric materials
  • Can join 3D geometries

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