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       May 7th - 11th


What's New at Emabond®

Emabond Solutions to Exhibit at NPE2018, May 7 - 11, 2018 

Emabond Solutions is proud to announce that we will be expanding our presence at the 2018 tri-annual event held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.  We will be moving to a larger island exhibit area in the active West Hall.  Our technical and sales people will be on hand to demonstrate our welding technology and to share many exciting demanding applications.  Please feel free to bring your specific application to our booth to discuss your needs with one of our experts.


Be sure to get make your plans to attend NPE 2018 and look us up on the official NPE 2018 web directory at; www.npe.org


Technical FAQs available at Emabond.com


Emabond.com now offers Frequently Asked Questions for both new and existing customers.  Please visit this page to view detailed answers to questions about the Emabond Process and the supported induction welding equipment.

Click here to visit our Technical FAQ page!




A Total Plastic Piping Solution

Emabond Solutions is proud to announce an exciting new technology in the field of plastic piping. It is a reliable and safe plastic pressure pipe system which is welded inductively by a temperature controlled non-contact fusion joining process.  To learn more about Exoweld Plastics™, visit:


More information about this transformational system will be revealed soon, so stay tuned.  If the Exoweld technology interests you, be sure to contact us!



Emabond On YouTube

Emabond now offers the ability to view informative videos on YouTube.  Explore the different playlists available, including Technology to learn more about the Emabond Process and System Solutions to see various machines in action.


New videos will be added frequently, so stay tuned to the Emabond YouTube page for the latest channel updates.




100% Solid State High Frequency Generators

Our new line of 100% Solid State High Frequency (HF) Generators with flexible power-delivery systems have advanced the Emabond technology through enhanced welding process control and feedback. The new flexible power-delivery systems offer a highly efficient, compact, easy-to-integrate source of HF welding power for a wider variety of process applications. The highly reliable power supplies enhance process flexibility, deliver a wide operating power range for optimized process control, ensure high process repeatability, and improve throughput. The immediate advantages include;

  • Precise control of energy at the bond line including ramped power stages and/or pulsing of power.
  • Fixed 13.56 MHz interference free FCC ISM Band
  • Minimal or no heating of non plastic components such as metal and delicate electronics that may be close or captured within the weld line at time of assembly.
  • Flexible moving power application packages that can allow for spot welding, continuous scanning of a bond line or portability.
  • Wider overall power spectrum currently from 1kw to 5kw with precise control.

Lower overall system cost savings!

>> See how this new capability is applied to the Emabond Process

The Emabond® Process – capabilities update - 06-25-07


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