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Vibration (or Friction) Welding

With vibration welding the plastics parts to be joined are vibrated (rubbed) against each other at a chosen frequency, amplitude and pressure which results in frictional heating of the surfaces, causing the polymer to melt at the interface. The molten polymer flows out of the weld-zone giving rise to flash. When vibration stops the weld cools down and solidifies.

Vibration welding has the advantage that the polymer melt at the interface is not exposed to open air which can be important for materials that are susceptible to thermooxidative degradation. However, the product is exposed to vibrations during welding which can be a disadvantage for certain applications, especially those with internal components or the need to achieve precise part alignment. Application specific fixtures must be very accurate to ensure matting surface contact.

The Emabond Process offers countless advantages over vibration welding.
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Emabond Electromagnetic Welding is a Superior Alternative to Vibration Welding

The Emabond process offers unique advantages when compared to Vibration Welding for example:
  • Non-violent, non-contact process that does not generate particulate or contamination.
  • Will not physically damage internal components
  • Can achieve higher physical strength properties
  • Can join highly filled plastics; e.g. 30% and greater glass filler, talc, other fillers.
  • Shear joint design offering thinner cross-sections compared to a wider butt weld resulting in improved joint space packaging
  • Does not require a flash trap to hide unsightly weld line flash
  • Does not require post-weld trimming or cleaning
  • Can join certain dissimilar materials as well as elastomeric materials
  • Can join 3D geometries
  • Can perform multiple welds simultaneously
  • Can be incorporated into a dynamic welding process by moving the part during the welding process.

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