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Power Steering Fluid Reservoir


  • 70 PSI Leakproof - Helium
  • Four Individual Joints
  • Highly Reliable, Pressure-tight Joints
  • Two Different Styles Run on Single System 
  • Japanese OEM Accepted

Material: 33% GF Nylon 6

Joint Design: Tongue & Groove

Weld Line: Four Separate Joints

This is an excellent example that illustrates multiple welds performed sequentially to create a reliable leak proof pressure tight fluid vessel. 
  • Weld #1 consists of attachment of the inlet and outlet connector elbows in a common cycle - note that the orientation can be model specific and accommodated within the Emabond weld fixture.
  • Weld #2 attaches the filler neck threaded detail
  • Weld #3 completes the vessel by welding the back cover to the previously prepared sub-assembly.
Weld steps 1, 2 and 3 are performed sequentially using separate welding stations.  Alternatively interchangeable fixtures can be specified to allow for batch welding using a single welding station.



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