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       May 7th - 11th


Toner Cartridges


  • Blow Molded to Injection Molded
  • Reliable leak-proof weld
  • Fast cycle time
  • Two welded parts per cycle 
  • Replace adhesive tape 

Material: HDPE

Joint Design: Step Joint

Weld Line: 8" and 5" Cartridges


Welding of Toner Cartridges is especially challenging when you consider that it requires leak proof welding of a blow molding grade to an injection mold grade material.  The blow molded bottle or container must bond to an injection molding grade for the top fill cap.  The surface textures of each molded item can differ creating an inconsistent weld line interface. The addition of polymer via the Emabond resin serves as a gap filling material offering greatly improved process consistency.




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