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System Solution - Plastic Piping

Our Passion for Progress is to be a Technology Leader for high reliability plastic piping systems in the Building and Construction Industry to meet the mechanical piping challenges of a changing, energy-conscious world by designing a sustainable and safe plastic system solution and portable induction welding process that is used by the professional trades.

We are adding Value to the Plastic Piping Industry by Providing a Transformational Technology to Enhance the Consumer’s Green Building Experience by installing a Sustainable and Safe Material and Process for Energy Efficiency and NFPA 13 (175psi at 140ºF) Fire Protection Service.

We are providing a TOTAL PIPING SOLUTION to Residential and Commercial NSF 14 Potable Water Distribution for up to 180ºF Indoor and Outdoor Installations using a PE-RT Piping and Fitting System which is WELDED Inductively by a Temperature Controlled Non-Contact Fusion Joining Process. If this sparks an interest, please contact us to learn more!


Emabond Solutions is manufacturing a transformational breakthrough in Field Portable Induction Welding Equipment Technology.  Our technology can be expanded to include induction welding of other plastic pipe materials.   Our process uses an Induced Field for Heating the EXOWELD™ matrix that delivers a Non-Contact and Non-Invasive Method for Reliable and Repeatable Welds.  If this sparks an interest, please contact us to learn more!



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