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Solar Water Heating Panels


  • Clean distortion free welds 
  • Replace Hotplate 
  • Highly reliable 
  • Long-term environmental exposure 
  • Endcaps to header 

Material: Polypropylene

Joint Design: Multiple tubes to header panel

Weld Line: 48" wide, up to 12 feet long

   Emabond has been in use for over 20 years providing reliable, leak proof welding of solar water collection panels.  These applications are exposed to wide temperature and environmental extremes as a key component in closed loop water heating collection systems for swimming pools and spas.  The solar collectors are generally roof top mounted or installed on lawn areas having southern exposure.  They are designed to withstand high wind environments.

  Emabond is used to join the corrugated PP flat panels typically 48" wide by 8 to 12 feet long to an extruded profiled used to create the upper and lower header panel.  Emabond is also used to weld the header tube ends to create the transition to the system plumbing network.





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