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Plastic Welding

You have many options when it comes to Plastic Welding and Assembly. Understanding the advantages and limitations of each method is important and critical to a long term successful product design. The Emabond Process offers certain unique advantages when compared to alternative forms of joining such as:

  • Stress-free assembly providing a particulate free process
  • Improved aesthetics, flash-free and no external marring
  • Superior weld structural strength (shear joint design)
  • No cure time or secondary trimming operation required, use the part immediately after assembly
  • High reliability with near "0" rejects, high repeatability
  • Second heat cycle potential in the event there is a cycle interrupt.
  • Multiple bond-line simultaneously (application dependent)
  • Quiet, clean and safe operation (clean room proven)
  • Greater ability to maintain tolerance requirements
  • Reduced cost via waste reduction and increased productivity
  • Equipment utilizing state-of-the-art 100% Solid State Generator



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