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Plastic Pallet


  • Nine Individual Joints
  • High Structural Loading 
  • Captures Pultrusion I-Beam 
  • Flexible Pallet 

Material: Structural Foam HDPE

Joint Design: Tongue & Groove

Weld Line: 9 welds, 12.5 feet

This application illustrates the ability to perform multiple welds within a common machine cycle.  In this example the lower deck is attached to the upper deck by welding 9 nine molding in blocks at the corners and mid lengths and center.  
The Emabond equipment is designed using 3 separate power supplies, each delivering energy to 3 individual work coil.  
Overall welding cycle time is less than 90 seconds.  Also note that the cross section design provided for capturing of a polyester pultrusion within the pallet to provide extra strength and durability.



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