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  Mid-Size Welder

   - Complete System: available in power ranges of 2, 3, and 5 kW


Major Features



High Frequency Generator



  • Solid State 
  • 2, 3, or 5kW generator (depending on application) incorporating Power Factor Corrected DC Switch
  • Matching Output Network and Controller                              



 - Unitized frame and press structure to accommodate interchangeable work coil fixtures




  • Safety light curtain guarding the operator side of the machine, fixed guards provided to offer perimeter guarding 
  • Aluminum system base plate incorporating mounting for application specific tooling.
  • Part in place detection - preventing cycle without properly positioned assembly
  • Dual pressure sequencing for low - high pressure clamping
  • Single opti-touch start circuit with emergency stop button
  • Press motion encoder feedback to control logic for Emabond process displacement sensing
  • Optional Motorized part rotation device
  • Optional Part Indexing for multiple welds
  • Fully integrated Control and Power Supply Rack Enclosure



 - Work Coil / Weld Fixture




  • Designed specifically for your assembly incorporating recommended Emabond joint design 
  • Integrated work coil fixture and quick-change base


System Controls

 - Including Automation Direct Model 205 PLC Controller



  • Provides a totally self contained machine sequence logic including safety monitoring
  • 6" Color HMI Operator Panel providing real-time visual machine status and diagnostic information
  • Optional at extra cost: Data acquisition capability - ability to connect the Emabond welding station to a standalone PC or a network server for data logging.  Includes externally located Ethernet port, Ethernet card, and data logging software.  This option will provide for capturing of weld cycle key variables including heat time, forward and reflected power, and weld displacement.





Water Cooling 

 - For generator and copper work coil




  • Refrigerated Chiller - for cooling Solid State Generator & application specific work coils
  • 2kW - Refrigerated 7,500 btu/hr. self contained for all water cooling requirements
  • 3kW - Refrigerated 18,000 btu/hr. self contained for all water cooling requirements
  • 5kW - Refrigerated 18,000 btu/hr. self contained for all water cooling requirements








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