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How Emabond Can Help You

Emabond - listening to and collaborating with our customers, developing the right design and engineering approach, establishing the manufacturing solution, and providing customer service support for the product launch and market success.


We recognize that the key to customer satisfaction and success is delivering superior, cost-effective assembly solutions for performance materials.

Our commitment to combine and advance technology, engineering and quality enables us to produce assembly solutions and products that provide a competitive advantage for our customers.

Our priority is to design, produce and deliver products, systems, and solutions that make people's lives better.


Emabond Provides Complete Turnkey Solutions

1 - Design   2 - Equipment   3 - Material  

Reliable Welded Assemblies

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  • Inj. Molded
  • Blow Molded.Extruded
  • Thermoformed
  • Continuous Web
  • Thin Film
Customer Part Welding System Formulated Resin

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