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Hotplate (Heated Tool or Thermal) Welding

Hot plate welding uses thermal energy to melt the welding zone though heat conduction. It can be a cost-effective process for large parts where joint line aesthetics are not a prime requirement. The process is available as either "direct contact" hot plate welding or "non-contact" mirror welding. In direct contact Hot Plate welding, the parts are heated by direct physical contact with the heated tool resulting in conduction heating of the surfaces. Traditionally, the welding tool is coated with a non-stick surface usually PTFE. As the non-stick surface wears, sticking occurs and cleaning and recoating of the plate is necessary effectively driving up maintenance and operating costs.
Non-contact mirror welding is an alternative method to prevent sticking. In this case the plastic parts and the hot plate are separated by a small gap and the heat is transferred by radiation instead of conduction. The hot plate temperature must therefore be considerably higher. In both methods molten polymer is exposed to air during the process, which may lead to oxidative degradation of molten surfaces which can lead to reduced weld strength. The process is not well suited for joining of Nylon type materials. The Emabond Process offers countless advantages over hotplate welding.
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Emabond Electromagnetic Welding is a Superior Alternative to Hotplate Welding

The Emabond process offers unique advantages when compared to Hotplate Welding for example:
  • Shorter overall cycle
  • Can join highly filled plastics; e.g. 40% and greater glass filler, talc, other fillers.
  • Shear joint design offering thinner cross-sections compared to a wider butt weld resulting in improved joint space packaging
  • Does not require a flash trap to hide unsightly weld line flash
  • Improved joint geometry repeatability by using a designed in mechanical stop.
  • Does not require post weld trimming or cleaning
  • Can join certain dissimilar materials and elastomeric materials
  • Can join 3D geometries
  • Can be incorporated into a dynamic welding process by moving the part during the welding process.

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