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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When I press the palm buttons, the press closes but the RF does not come on.
  2. The machine completes the cycle but the part is not welded.
  3. I am getting a CYCLE INTERRUPT light but nothing else.
  4. Can I use deionized water instead of distilled?
  5. How do I clean the work coil?
  6. I want to move my system to another plant. How should I prepare it for shipment?
  7. Can I ship my system to another country?
  8. My coil has sprung a leak. How do I repair it?
  9. I am getting condensation on the work coil. How do I adjust the cooling water temperature setting repair it?
  10. When the generator turns on, it takes a while for the power to reach the set point.
  11. My machine cycles but the forward and reflected powers are the same.
  12. The Forward, Reflected, Load, and Tune values are jumping rapidly (unstable).
  13. My system runs but the reflected power is high.
  14. I’m getting an OVERLOAD alarm.
  15. The Grid Meter runs backward.
  16. My heat exchanger will not turn on.
  17. The Load meter pauses about half way up, then jumps to the normal operating point.
  18. My oscillator tube is not glowing.

The following information is provided as a general guide based on the most frequently asked questions for troubleshooting existing Emabond equipment.  Please consult your Owner's Manual in combination with the FAQ responses.  Our Technical Service Staff is available via phone or on-site service to support your individual requirements.


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