My system runs but the reflected power is high.
Applies to Solid State systems only

•   The Phase and Mag error signals are off. Place the generator into PANEL control and set to 500 watts. Turn on the generator. Once tuned, note the reflected power. If it is over 10, go to the match controller and place both LOAD and TUNE into manual. Manually adjust both caps using the MIN and MAX buttons to get the reflected as low as possible (in most cases you should be able to get 0). Once this is done, check the error signals on the Match Controller. Ideally they should be 0 when reflected power is 0. If they are over, say, 50, go to the PHASE and MAG pots located on the back of the Matching Network and adjust until the error signals are close to 0 (make sure the reflected power remains at 0. If it starts to wander, manually adjust using MIN and MAX until it reads 0 again). If you do not have an assistant, you can use a voltmeter to see the error signals, the monitor point is located next to the PHASE and MAG GAIN pots on the back of the Match Controller. Once they are both low, place the TUNE and LOAD caps back into AUTO. The Reflected power should be lower than it was. After doing this at 500, increase in 500 watt increments until you reach full power. When finished, return generator and match controller to operating conditions.