I am getting condensation on the work coil. How do I adjust the cooling water temperature setting?
Applies to all systems – HD-500, EA-20, Tesla, Solid State

•   Systems with a separate chiller: The chiller has an electronic temperature controller on the front of the unit. Press MENU once and SP will flash. Press MENU again to display the current set point. Use up and down arrows to select the new set point and press MENU again to save.

•   HD-500 systems: Open the top of the water to water heat exchanger and locate the blue temperature regulator. When setting the control point of the regulator, make certain the fluid is at the operating pressure of the system.  Any changes in line pressure will shift the control point.

To raise the temperature, insert the temperature adjusting rod into one of the holes of the adjusting nut assembly and turn from left to right (counterclockwise from top), compressing the spring.

To lower the operating temperature, turn the adjusting nut assembly from right to left (clockwise from top), decreasing the spring pressure.