Can I ship my system to another country?
Applies to all systems – HD-500, EA-20, Tesla, Solid State

When moving your system to another country you need to find out the available power voltage and frequency and compare it to what you are using now. If the voltage and frequency are the same, you should have no
problems. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact Emabond Solutions technical service.

If the voltage is the same but frequency is different:

EA-20 and Tesla 200 welding systems without an SCR will work on either 50 or 60Hz frequency at the same voltage. If you are using an SCR on an EA-20 or Tesla 200 system, contact Emabond Solutions for further info. 

•   Solid State systems will also work on either 50 or 60Hz with the exception of the external chiller. The compressor and pump motors inside the chiller may only be rated for one frequency. 1KW and lower systems will be ok as the internal components used are made for 50 or 60Hz operation.

•   HD-500 systems need to be modified to work at a different input frequency. The phase loss monitor should be re-adjusted to allow for the new operating frequency. Inside the SCR, remove jumper X3 for 50Hz operation, install for 60Hz. Finally, check the water pump motor inside the water to water heat exchanger or the pump and compressor motors inside water to air chiller to determine if the pump will operate at a different frequency

If the voltage is different:

For Solid State, EA-20, and Tesla 200 systems, most countries will offer a voltage around 220 volts. You may need to adjust the transformer taps. 

•   For HD-500 systems: This question has come up several times, and the answer is always the same: It is cheaper for you to purchase a transformer to change the voltage than to modify the HD-500. See also above regarding different frequency.