When I press the palm buttons or opti-touch start sensor, the press closes but the RF does not come on.
Applies to all systems – HD-500, EA-20, Tesla, Solid State

•   Check that the press is actuating the "press closed limit switch" and that the switch is functioning properly.

•   Also, on non PLC based EA-20 systems, there are several safety interlocks that need to be made before the welding will begin.  They are all in series with each other, so any one can cause the problem.
They are:
Air Flow Switch:  Located next to the oscillator tube cooling fan, the switch has a small vane that is pulled toward the fan when the fan is on. Check that the vane has not fallen off
Water Level Switch:  Located in the water tank.
Water Flow Switch:  Located near the tank circuit
Door Closed Switch 1:  Located on the upper front cabinet door
Door Closed Switch 2:  Located on the rear cabinet door
Overload Breaker:  Located on the front upper panel
Air Pressure Switch:  Located on the press, on most systems

Part in Place Sensor:  Located on the press, not on all systems