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Customer Process Benefits

The Emabond Process offers certain unique advantages when compared to alternative forms of assembly,
such as:

Performance - Quality - Aesthetics

  • Stress free (non-violent) welding method
  • Air Tight, High Pressure Capability
  • Hermetic - water proof outdoor
  • Clean distortion Free Bond Line with no flash
  • Predictable Bond line gap or interface
  • Durability, welded interface

Design Flexibility

  • Non-Contact welding method
  • Compact joint cross section packaging
  • Multiple Material Options e.g., PE, PP, Eng'g materials
  • Ability to join filled materials, e.g. glass, mineral, talc
  • Ability to join structural foam molded components
  • Soft to hard material capability - certain dissimilar materials
  • Long 3D bond line
  • Multiple Bond lines
  • Nonviolent - stress free, non-contact assembly process
  • Internal components can be pre-assembled prior to bonding cycle

Cost Savings

  • No surface pretreatment, open window ....etc.
  • Elimination of gasket screws
  • Low operating costs
    • Energy efficient process
    • No replacement parts
  • Low capital/tooling investment
  • Fast cycle/takt times
  • Reversible process allows you to “unweld” a part

Manufacturing Benefits

  • Fast, quiet, clean, safe, ergonomic process
  • Gap filling capability - more forgiving molding tolerances
  • Joint design provides accurate pre-alignment of components
  • Ease of tool changeover - multiple applications using common capital
  • Non degrading technology - no outgassing, no half-life e.g. IR bulbs
  • Process repeatability
  • No pre-treatment, open window .... (vs adhesive)
  • Manufacturing friendly process

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